Born in Chicago and raised in Miami, I was like any other kid. Video games and junk food but it was through video games that I developed my competitive tendencies. At 16 I started training martial arts, soon after I itched to learn more which led me to mixed martial arts.

MMA changed me. I still and will always love a good video game but I immediately fell in love with this new craft. It wasn’t long before I was fighting in rings, cages, and a few backyards. It felt incredible to be in an environment where my competitive nature was praised. The years I trained and traveled the east coast fighting were some of the hardest and most rewarding years of my life. Fighting has epically colored my human experience and I am grateful for it daily.

 During my training, I knew i needed to be stronger and faster I became obsessed with getting stronger and that’s what ultimately led me to CrossFit in 2010. Three years later I earned my CrossFit level-1 certificate and since have competed with elite level athletes in 10+ CrossFit and strongman competitions in South Florida.

As a coach, I’ve always set out to introduce people to sides of themselves they’ve never met. That small part of you that really wants to grow, that last rep you pulled out of nowhere, that steady flame that burns in the deepest corner of your gut; I want to capitalize on that. You gather all your courage and all your light, you bring it to class, you put in the work, and WE will grow. Every time.