Nutrition 101: Why Food Matters

Food is a gift. For many of us food is something we take for granted. If we aren’t home and get hungry there is bound to be something tasty a short walk away in Chicago. Food is something that fuels us and when dialed in can help us perform better at every day tasks. The key is understanding how food affects you individually. Food can be wonderful and fill us with delight, but it would be foolish to ignore the problems of food in our culture. Pizza, Hot Dogs, Pasta, Sausage, Burgers, and BBQ are just a few of the amazing local options that taste great but can lead to some poor habits.

As we move into the Holiday season food can become a serious hurdle. In between grandma’s pie and mom’s prime rib we will have our fill come Christmas. With that in mind, I want to look to the New Year and make some changes together.

Here at Goose Island CrossFit we will be hosting a nutrition challenge starting January 5th. On January 3rd at 12pm please join us at the gym for an informational meeting. The challenge will cover several different categories: food logging, before and after measurements, before and after performance and lifting, and a short reflective essay. Everyone is welcome to join and most of the community will. We want everyone to participate in some way shape or form, as we believe that nutrition is essential to reaching your goals.

In the coming weeks I will post some entries about training, Jacquelyn and Stephanie will write some entries about nutrition and stress management and Aaron will continue to chronicle his new experience with CrossFit. Stay tuned for more information and look for blog posts in the coming days!