0 to 90: Big Surprises!



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We’re just past day 60, so I thought it would be good to have a bit of a Jerry MacGuire moment. 

I’ll admit it, I did not believe improvement could come this fast. Like I've said, I’ve never really done anything athletic in my life. Defeating Ganon hundreds of times felt like a near-olympic achievement, but, alas, digital exploits do not a real-world hero make.

I’ve been surprised by how quickly this stuff works. Really surprised. So surprised, in fact, that my surprise has several categories:

• Surprise #1: I feel further from injury, not closer to it. As I admitted before, I started CrossFit with a lot of internet clutter in my head. One piece of clutter said that I would constantly feel like I was teetering on the verge of injury. In fact, the opposite has proven true. The day I felt most unstable was the first day, and every day since I’ve felt safer and more confident in the movements. Side-note: I suspect this has a lot to do with having a good, certified, coach at a killer, certified, accessible gym.

• Surprise #2: I can lift heavy stuff. I lifted this. All of it. That’s very new to me. 

• Surprise #3: My body is capable of doing crazy things. I can do a pull-up now. And climb a rope to the ceiling. And touch my toes to the bar I’m swinging from multiple times. And I’m excruciatingly close to doing a handstand pushup. That means I’m standing on my hands, and pushing my full body weight off the ground. I’m almost there. And listen, my body is the opposite of special. So this is all surprising.

• Surprise #4: I can do hard, physical labor, for long periods of time. Our church recently did a cleanup at a local school. That picture on the left is me, hanging like a monkey, passing down heavy objects from the top shelves, for 15-20 minutes at a time. Now, I’m sure this picture get me a ticket with the safety cops, but the point is, I felt perfectly comfortable doing it, the entire time. 

I’ll admit, this isn’t quite the same thing as notching the Silver Arrow, and bringing the scourge of Hyrule down. But it feels close.

 I can flip upside down. Now give the princess back.

I can flip upside down. Now give the princess back.