Pepper-Orange Seasoning

Noah and I (Jacquelyn) have been following a basic Paleo template for about 3 years now. It doesn’t mean we only eat Paleo approved foods, but we stock our house with fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and happy fats.

In general our basic food rules are:

1)   Eat food that nourishes your body
2)   If you’re going to eat food that is toxic to your body, you’d better have a pretty good reason.

We can flesh these ideas out another day, but for now, I want to talk about some easy, local options for making your nourishing meals appealing.

One of the daunting tasks when pursuing a healthier diet is how to make food that you actually want to eat. Great recipes help with this issue, but you probably won’t have time to follow a full-blown gourmet recipe for every meal. That’s why it’s important to have an arsenal of spices at your disposal to make your staple dishes taste amazing.

Fortunately for us, we have The Spice House just down the road. If you haven’t been, there I recommend going on a day when you have time to wander and smell all of the different delights they have on their shelves.

For now, let me recommend my favorite spice:

Pepper-Orange Seasoning

We put this spice on our morning eggs, on sweet potato hash, on burgers, on salmon, on chicken thighs. Basically, it makes everything better.

And if you’re at The Spice House, you should probably head next door to Old Town Oil.

Again, I’d recommend coming here on a day when you have a chance to walk around and sample. But if you’re looking for a recommendation to get started, the Blood Orange Olive Oil with any of their balsamic vinegars and some Pepper Orange Seasoning mixed in makes a killer salad dressing.

Pour it over any mix of greens, throw in some pecans and fruit for a phenomenal salad.

That’s all for now, but I’m always looking for new cooking inspiration.

Tell me, what’s your favorite spice?