How You Move Matters

I strongly believe in constantly educating yourself when it comes to movement. There are amazing people in the world that do amazing things. Usually, the ones who moves the best win their respective sports or make memorable plays. I will always teach every single person that trains at Goose Island CrossFit how to move better.

With that said, everyone has to start somewhere. To get people started we run a three class On Ramp program for new members. In these classes we cover the basics of Powerlifting, Gymnastics and Weightlifting. In these classes the goal is to familiarize yourself with the movements that you will be seeing on a weekly basis. You will not be an expert after these classes but you will be well equipped to jump into a regular class and continue your fitness journey. Our goal is health and wellness and our On Ramp program is the first step towards getting there. Let me introduce you to our first graduate of the On Ramp program.

 Meet AJ.

Meet AJ.

Meet AJ, he is the first graduate of our On Ramp program. He dabbled in CrossFit with a friend almost two years ago, but now he wanted to make a change in his lifestyle and commit to CrossFit with guidance and accountability. He went through the On Ramp classes even though he knew his way around the block inside a gym. He worked hard and committed himself to learning how to move again. He worked hard and had a great time. I strongly believe in building community so I  asked AJ a few questions so that you all can get to know him better.

Noah: You took a break from CrossFit, what made you want to come back?

AJ: I wanted to improve my body composition and I wanted a challenge with guidance and accountability.

Noah: What has been your favorite movement so far?

AJ: I like the wheelbarrow so far.

Noah: What is your favorite non paleo meal?

AJ: Mac and Cheese

Noah: You're stuck on a desert island and have time to gather three things. What are they?

AJ: My wife, a survival guide and a hatchet with a  saw blade on the back so I can build things.

AJ comes to class in the morning, be sure to say hi next time you see him!