Nutrition 101: The Challange

Happy New Years!

As we look to the start of 2015 we are going to host a Nutrition and Wellness challenge here at Goose Island CrossFit. We want to put an emphasis on Nutrition and teach everyone why food matters. As an incentive we will be giving away a free month of training to whoever wins the challenge. In addition to that, I want everyone in the gym to have a tangible goal. No matter how great or small, goal setting can have a huge impact on our training and outlook on life. I will be joining you in this month and helping you all with this challenge. I want us all to commit to eating clean, according to our challenge guidelines, for the first month and then taking an 80/20 approach to food in the following month. So while we will announce the winner in February, I want us all to commit to making better decisions at Super Bowl Parties and on Valentines Day.

For now, let us focus on the challenge at hand. To win the free month of training you will have to do the following.

  • Follow our food standards: We will be eating Meat, Nuts, Vegetables, Some Fruit, and Little Starch. We will not be eating Sugar, Grains, Legumes, Dairy or Alcohol. We will be conscious about what kinds of fat we use. Yes, it is a lot, but I believe it is extremely important to eat real food and give your body a chance to recover from any bad habits you may have.
  • Log your food: This is going to be very important. Some of you have already expressed that travel will make it nearly impossible for you to follow our standards. I understand that, but I want to challenge you to log your food every day this month so that you can make better decisions and so that we can give you feedback.
  • Before and after measurements: I want there to be a tangible measurement of your progress. Weight, measurements and before and after pictures will be required for all participants. 
  • Before and after workout: We will measure progress in a benchmark lift and workout.
  • Community Facebook page and Cooking Party: We will make a group page to share recipes, ideas and struggles as we go through this together. At some point we will have an awesome cooking party where we will teach you some new ideas for preparing food on a week to week basis.

I can't wait to see the changes we can all make together as 2015 starts!