0 to 90: Me at 90 Days

0 to 90 chronicles the CrossFit adventures of a know-nothing noob. For more 0 to 90 posts, click here.

Well, it’s done. My first 90 days of CrossFit. I know what you want to know: did it work? Well, as the old grinning geezer once said, “A picture’s worth a thousand blog posts.” So here it is: me at 90 days. 

Crazy, huh? I’m telling you — it’s just bizarre how well CrossFit works. 

Kidding aside, let me go on record and say, I was completely unprepared for the effectiveness of CrossFit. I am astonished at how quickly I’ve been able to progress. I give CrossFit two big Muscle-Ups Up.

Recall — I came into CrossFit a know-nothing newb, a slob with a failing fitness regimen that had never really worked in the first place. I started at zero, challenging CrossFit to overcome skepticism, apathy, a 36-year-old body that’s already starting to creak, and a general wants-results-without-the-work disposition.

Where am I at after ninety days? What’s happened? A lot actually. On the “Look Ma,” front:

  • I’d never done a real Pull-Up in my life, and now I have three (and many times that if I’m allowed to kip!)
  • Toes-to-Bar: I can touch my feet to the bar I’m holding several times in a row. 
  • I can do an actual Handstand Pushup. For real. On demand. At parties. That is just nifty.

There's a lot more in that category, but impressive or unimpressive as those feats might be, I’d say the most profound impact of CrossFit for me has been more subtle and internal.

  • I don’t simply avoid hard workouts. Let me just be vulnerable here for a moment and say that I did when I started. This meant, of course, there was a ceiling on anything I could accomplish fitness-wise. Now, I’m grateful for workouts that push me to the edge. 
  • I’m learning to move more slowly toward goals. When it comes to most things, I’ve got a Super-Sized ‘Merican appetite for instant results at little to no cost, and fitness is no exception. CrossFit is helping me step back from that a bit — to work more slowly and robustly towards goals, so that I don’t flame out along the way. Some of the results come fast, but others come as a result of doing the same exercises 10 different ways, 10 times over. 
  • I like doing fitness together. I think doing fitness with other people is more effective, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I actually like group fitness more. That’s a big deal. Typically, I hate environments in which I feel like I’m in last place. And certainly, many CrossFit days feel like that (especially with my wife around). Trouble is, the only way to never being in last place, never feeling behind, never letting anyone see you sweat — the only way to do that is to run the race by yourself. Or, I suppose, not at all. And that’s just dumb.

My muscles may not have muscles yet. I may not be able to do this yet (yet!). But I’m in the race. And I’m having fun. For that, I’m grateful.