Goal Setting and the CrossFit Open: a step-by-step guide

As we have already mentioned, it is hard to arrive at your destination without some type of road map. The CrossFit Open is an exciting time to be challenged to achieve new movements and do the impossible. But we don’t have to wait for the Open to begin to use it to inspire our goals. Below is a step-by-step guide to building your own roadmap to the CrossFit Open and beyond.

1) Assess Where You Are at Right Now.

Take a moment to think about where you are in your CrossFit journey.

  • Which movements have you progressed in lately?

  • Which movements are a struggle for you?

  • Which movements do you love?

  • What movements do you feel close to getting?

Answering these questions will give you a clearer picture of where you are and establish a starting point as you build your roadmap.

2) Take a Look at the Prescribed Open Movements

While the goals you set should definitely be tailored to where YOU are in YOUR fitness journey, it is helpful to look at outside standards to get a better idea of what you could achieve. Every year each Open workout is a surprise, but below are a list of movements that frequently show up. Take a look at each movement and assess the following:

  • Which ones do you already do well?

  • Which ones do you wish you could do with more speed or consistency?

  • Which ones do you feel close to achieving?

  • Which ones are you not yet able to do at all.

This assessment will begin to give you some ideas regarding which direction to travel in during this next season in your fitness journey:

Toes to Bar

Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Chest to bar pull ups
Double Unders
Push Ups
Muscle Ups

Thrusters 100/65
Push Press 115/75
Cleans 135/95
Jerks 135/95
Overhead Squat 95/65
Snatch 75/55

3) Establish 1-2 Short Term Goals and 1-2 Long Term Goal.

After going through this list and seeing where you are in relation to each movement, pick one or two movements that you hope to achieve or improve on by the end of the Open. Also, pick one or two movements that may not be achievable in such a short time period but that you wish to accomplish by the end of the year.

4) Check With Your Coach

Now that you have an idea of where you are, what direction you want to travel in and where you’d like to end up, check with Noah and John to make sure that your goals are realistic and specific. If you decide you would like to have a chest to bar pull up by the end of the month, check with them to make sure this is attainable for you in this timeframe. If you are choosing a movement that you already can do but would like to do better, work with them to determine an appropriate measurement of improvement (ex: 20 seconds off your 500 m row, 5 chest to bar pull ups unbroken, etc.). They will also be able to provide direction regarding how to achieve your goals.

5) Share Your Goal

Take advantage of your community! One of the best parts about CrossFit is that you are surrounded by a group of people who share your struggle and are excited by your success. Sharing your goals with them will give you accountability and encouragement. You can share your goals with your friends outside the box too. Your friends may not know what a T2B is, but seeing someone you care about work hard and succeed at their goals is inspiring.