Year One: The Goal That Stings

Year One chronicles the trials and Double-Unders of a first-year CrossFitter. For more Year One posts, click here. 

Let’s talk goals. 

 Super Mega Awesome Cool.

Super Mega Awesome Cool.

If you put yourself in my shoes, your feet hurt. No, really. I have flat, pronated, feet. I wasn’t aware of this for a long time.

What that meant growing up was, I could do some pretty cool leg presses at the gym when I was fifteen, but when it came to actually running (or pretty much anything endurance related), my knees would blow out, then my hips, and I’d be limping for days. 

Recently, some really excellent people got me a gift: rad, flat, roomy, shoes. Let me tell you, I’ve tried everything to make the knee-splosion thing not happen, but these have really worked.

Last week, we did CrossFit Open Workout 15.3 (Refresher: During The Open, each week, CrossFit-ers worldwide compete by doing the exact same workout, all together. One workout per week is structured this way, for five weeks. Total blast.) 

So Step 1 in Noah’s killer goal setting process tells me that during the open I should do the following:

Take a moment to think about where you are in your CrossFit journey.” 

Um, still at the beginning. 4-5 months in, but still learning.

“Which movements have you progressed in lately?”

I can do pull-ups, and kipping pull-ups, which I’m pumped about. My pain tolerance is much higher than before. 

“Which movements are a struggle for you?”

 "And another! twice !"

"And another!twice!"

15.3 answered this question nicely: Double-Unders. Double-Unders (DU’s) are jump-rope jumps where the rope goes under twice for each jump. Or, in my case, where the rope goes around once, then smacks you angrily on the back of the leg.

“Which movements do you love? What movements do you feel close to getting?”

Now this is where things get interesting: I feel like a rock star when I can do a few DU’s unbroken. But I haven’t liked workouts in which we do many of them in a row, because I can’t yet. This leaves two alternatives: A leg whip workout as penance for my not getting DU’s yet (DU, Leg Whip! DU, Leg Whip! DU, Leg Whip!), or, the dreaded Singles (normal jump-roping). Singles are booooooring. 

So here it is, Goal #1: 50 Unbroken Double-Unders in 2015.

What do you think? Can I do it?