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Me: Okay -- I have a crazy idea. In your estimation -- would it be possible for someone to go from 0 to 1 muscle-ups in a year? *



Noah: It is certainly reasonable to acquire in a year. It is one of the most difficult things. (Editor's Translation: You will need to work very hard.)



  Inner Dialogue: Why did he say, "Most difficult?" Why not "Pretty difficult? Or, sorta difficult?

Inner Dialogue: Why did he say, "Most difficult?" Why not "Pretty difficult? Or, sorta difficult?

Me: Here's my thinking:

1. I’m very drawn to "I can do a think I couldn't do before" kinds of goals.

2. I love the rings. Love. I could see myself enduring pain to gain a rings-oriented skill.

3. I’m hovering around 180 lbs. I've been converting fat to muscle in the past 4 months, but I think I'll probably stay a fairly light-weight person -- is an advantage for muscle ups, provided my upper body gets stronger?


Noah: As you get stronger it will be easier to pull yourself up higher. (Editor’s Translation: No, there won’t be any way for you to cheat your way into it.)


 .  .



Me: My questions are:

1. Are Muscle-Ups a kind of catch-all, you need to be better at everything to do even one kind of skill, or are they something that you could work on certain techniques and get. Again, I'm looking to do one.

2. What kind of extra work would be necessary?

3. Do you believe in doing that kind of extra work? :)

Noah: You probably need to grow a bigger beard. Like this.**


Noah: Extra work can help, but mostly its about making your pull up better every time we do it and practicing Ring kips, ring dips, weighted straight bar dips and ring transitions. Next time you are in we can talk about what to do, but basically throwing in some ring kips, dips and jumping MU into your warm up 1-2 times a week will help a lot.


Me: This would be a highly motivating goal for me. I love the rings. I’d could probably hold this smile at every workout from here on out.





* Editor’s Note: The content of this post may or may not be an email conversation, slightly embellished. 

** Editor’s Note: Beard growing is not a requirement for competitive or recreational Muscle Ups.