The Goose Island CrossFit Injury Prevention Seminar

Have an injury? Worried about getting one?

Come to Goose Island CrossFit at 1:30pm on Saturday, May 23 for our Injury Prevention Seminar. Our experienced coaches, Jonathan Huggett and Rachel Gitels, will show you how to take on existing injuries and prevent future ones. After that, enjoy an hour long yoga class led by Rachel.

 Our Outdoor Training Area

Our Outdoor Training Area

At this event you will learn why anatomy matters, and you will walk away with a better understanding of your body. We will discuss common injuries and how you can protect yourself from them. We will teach you how to individualize your warm up.

An individualized warm up can help you address certain weaknesses and work through an imbalance or injury. Our coaches will guide you through a general warm up, and then they will show you how you can build you one for yourself.

We will also preform a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and teach you about the difference between static and dynamic stretching and the benefits of each. A FMS can help you better understand your bodies structural alignment, develop greater body awareness, identify asymmetries and bio-mechanical errors.

The seminar will finish with an hour-long yoga class where we will flow and have fun. This class will be perfect for participants of all levels, including beginners.

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