Year One: A Meme Come True

Year One chronicles the trials and double-unders of a first-year CrossFitter. For more Year One posts, click here.

The first time I shyly let it slip that I was doing CrossFit in a public place, I received the following from a friend:


At the time, I was only a week or so in, and not really sure how I felt about it all yet. So I thought, “Ha. Yeah. I’m not going to be like one of those jerks.”

 "Yeeeees. I see a man uncontrollably telling everyone how much he hated yesterday's wall balls..."

"Yeeeees. I see a man uncontrollably telling everyone how much he hated yesterday's wall balls..."

Fast-forward just six months later. I wake up and usually check my phone for the Workout of the Day first, before anything. As in, before peeing. I blog about my progress. I moan in front of strangers. And, I catch myself wanting to talk about CrossFit to people who do not care about CrossFit all the time.

It’s happened. The awful prophecy posted to my Facebook wall has come to pass

No one wants to be on the wrong end of a meme. So I’ve been asking myself, “What happened? How did I go from barely wanting to admit I did CrossFit, to zealous babbler wanting the cashier to ask me about my callouses?" Here’s why I think CrossFitters have a hard time shutting up about CrossFit:

1. Because You’re Used To It: You don’t do CrossFit alone, and when you’re done with the workout, you talk about how it went with the people that just did it. And this is nearly always interesting because…

2. Because It’s Intense: I just spent a week at Disney World. There was a roller coaster that stopped at a broken piece of track, then went backwards, terrifying the poo-poo gum out of everyone on board. CrossFit workouts aren’t always terrifying, but they're almost always intense. And intense experiences tend to be more meaningful, and memorable. So of course you want to share them.

3. Because The Games Are Absolutely Rad: Once a year, CrossFitters around the whole world compete to find the fittest man or woman on earth. And it’s absolutely amazing to watch. Many of the movements they do, you’re going to do some version of that week. I can’t really explain it, but for me the games add an excitement factor that I really want to share. If you don’t believe me, watch this video. (Yes, the crowds are that loud, especially when you’re in last place). Then watch a top heat from one of last year’s events. Seriously. 

4. Because, Bottom Line, It’s Insanely Effective: There’s just no way around it. Part of why I’m excited is that it’s worked. I feel better than ever, stronger than ever, and I can do a dump truck full of things that I simply couldn’t before. That makes me happy.