Who To Watch At the Games: Mat Fraser

The CrossFit Games are nearly here, and I think you should watch. Not only are the Games are an amazing display of strength and endurance, they’re also a great kick-in-the-tush motivator to get to your gym and go to work. It’s also a blast to follow the trials and triumphs of athletes year in and year out.

Take Mat Fraser, for instance. 

25. Background in weight lifting. Grace time is 1:18. Snatches 315. NBD. Last year was Mat’s rookie year at the games, and he almost took home first place. This year, Mat won the Open (the first step of the Games, in which athletes worldwide compete in the same workouts to qualify for the Regionals). 

Here are some highlights from last year to help you catch up.

1. 2014 CrossFit Games: Overhead Squat Max. Epic battle between Tommy Hackenbruck, Mat Fraser, and 4-time Games Champion Rich Froning. Bonus Feature: watch Rich’s pay for a stunt at the end of the event.

2. 2014 CrossFit Games: Thick ’N Quick / Double Grace. Spoiler alert: This is the last event in the 2014 games, so if you’re planning on watching them straight through, save this one. Epic. Battle.

3. 2015 CrossFit Open 15.1. Rich and Mat go head to head in the first Open workout of 2015.

The 2015 CrossFit Games begin on July 21st. Hope to see you at a viewing party!