Community Garden Update

A few months ago, we drilled holes, filled buckets and planted seeds for our little community garden in the back yard. Immediately after that we had 3 days of terrible weather for baby seeds. Our garden looked sad, and our labels all washed off.

So a month later, I began to reseed and transplant the most promising sprouts and we even brought in some new plants to give our garden the kick-start that it needed. 

Since then the weather has actually been fantastic for cultivating tasty greens. While kale and chard can thrive in any season, too much heat can turn them bitter. The one upside to our strange summer of rain jackets and sweatshirts is that our green leafies are delicious. (The other upside is that it's been perfect weather to wear your GICF sweatshirt every day)

Where Are They Now: Plant Edition

So what's up with our buckets now? Our garden is begging to be harvested! Seriously, if we don’t start harvesting more quickly, the green leafies will start crowding each other out, and the cilantro will flower before anyone else can turn its leaves into a tasty salsa.

In case you are unsure of how to harvest the plants, chard and kale are pretty easy. Simply break off the outer leaves at the stem. As long as you leave 3 leaves in the center, the plant will continue to flourish and give you more dark green leafies.

There is currently one cilantro and one basil plant that is over 6 inches and has enough leaves to harvest, but there are many more that are almost ready. One cilantro plant in particular looks like it is thinking about flowering, so I’d jump on harvesting that. For cilantro simply clip off the outer leaves/stems and make sure some leaves remain in tact in the center of the plant. For basil, pick off leaves as needed or cut the upper layer of leaves off as long as you leave at least a layer or two of leaves below where you cut.

The pepper plants are still growing.

I know it’s pretty impossible to tell which bucket was yours originally, so feel free to either claim and re-label a bucket, or harvest from any unlabeled buckets.

If you have any questions, you can always ask Noah or me (Jacquelyn), but come in, workout, grab some plants, go home, make something delicious and then tell us what you did!

If you missed or initial planting party, we’ll probably start some new seeds in August for the Autumn growing season. Stay tuned!