Who To Watch At The Games: Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet

The CrossFit Games begin July 21st. You should watch. It doesn’t matter if you do CrossFit or not. They’re just great athletes, and great events. 

Let’s talk about Camille LeBlanc “Go To The Dark Place” Bazinet. 

26. French Canadian. Clean and Jerks 230. Back Squats 310. Top CrossFit athletes have to be able to endure much pain for much time. Bazinet says in order to win, you have to be ready to endure more pain than anyone else: “Anyone who wants to beat me is going to have to go to the dark place with me.” Camille placed 16th in the 2013 Games. In 2014, she took home the title.

Camille is a blast to watch.

1. 2014 CrossFit Games: 21-15-9. This event was an absolutely brutal mix of deadlifts, pull-ups, cleans, snatches, and bar muscle ups.  If you want some contrast, watch how Bazinet stacks up to all of the athletes together. If you want to just see Bazinet perform just watch the last heat.

2. . 2014 CrossFit Games: Muscle-Up Biathalon. Speaking of endurance, watch this event. I’m pretty sure it was invented by the same kid that fried ants on sidewalks with magnifying glass. And then ate them.

3. 2015 CrossFit Open 15.5. Pain Face! Camille battles former CrossFit Games champions Annie Thorisdottir and Sam Briggs. One of the more interesting aspects of the Games is the various weaknesses of the athletes. Is this Open workout a sign that the Champ may have to give up the title? We’ll see!

The 2015 CrossFit Games begin on July 21st. Hope to see you at a viewing party!