Announcing: The PR For The Masses Podcast! Listen, Subscribe, Share!

We are very proud to announce the PR For The Masses Podcast, a new podcast produced by our very own Goose Island CrossFit. Get it on iTunes here, or on the web here! Here's the description: 

"The PR For The Masses Podcast is dedicated to new fitness records for the average, the ordinary, the under-achiever, and yes, the out of shape!"

In our first episode,

  • I talk with CrossFit coach Noah LaPorte about losing 100lbs in his first year,
  • Ask whether starting out-of-shape has contributed to his coaching success,
  • We ponder what to say to all of our friends who tell us “I could never do that.”
  • Plus, our very first PR of the Podcast!

If you've given us the look when we tell you we do CrossFit, you need to listen now! 

If you're with us on the fitness journey, will you share this podcast with your friends on Facebook? Or on Twitter? Or forward this email to them? Or stand on your street corner with a sign and read a transcript of the episode? 

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