Introducing Our New Program and a Question.

What's new about our programming?

Today we are starting a new programming block curtsey of Jacob Tsypkin at TZ Strength. John and I have tested out the TZ Strength Program for individuals for over a year, and we have loved what his program can do. Now that Jacob is designing programs to fit a CrossFit box community, we are very excited to have the opportunity to present this program in our gym.  This program will still be adaptable for your goals whether you want to lose weight and stay fit for life or you are looking for an increase in performance in the CrossFit Open and other competitions. 


What will change?

We are excited to be able to bring in this fresh perspective for our next training cycle. While we are still using all the fundamental movements, you may notice that they are presented in new ways. Also, during this cycle, we will still be testing and retesting to be able to track progress. However, instead of testing your progress in one workout over 6 weeks, we will be testing your progress in multiple movements and workouts over the course of the next 3 months.


Why is there Extra Work?

In addition to the program that runs M-F, there will be an additional set of programming that can be completed as homework throughout the week. You could pepper it in around classes throughout the week or on some weeks hit it in one long session on Saturday. We will be making Saturday open to this from 12-2pm and Sunday from 11am-1pm on Sundays (starting the Sunday after Labor Day) in an open gym style format. A coach will be present, possibly working out with you, and be able to answer questions and provide general feedback. We feel that the homework sessions can help you tremendously if you want add something extra to your training. Every week we will post the homework on the Monday of the week it is to be completed. 

See you in the gym and let us know if you have any other questions.