What are the LaPortes Eating: Week 2

Welcome back for another edition of "What are the LaPortes Eating!" Once again,I hope these meals will provide you inspiration as you plan and grocery shop this week. This time, I even have a few recipe links and descriptions!

Planned Meals

These were my planned meals that I planned and cooked for 2-3 servings each:

Meal 1: Salad with balsamic chicken, grapes and slivered almonds

Meal 2: Steak with steamed snap peas and roasted garlic Cauliflower mixed with mashed potatoes

Meal 3: Buffalo Chicken Casserole with roasted broccoli (Basically, this recipe minus the sugar, with coconut oil as the fat and with added broccoli)

Meal 4: Meatballs with tomato-coconut cream sauce over potatoes

(Sauce was, sautéed onion and garlic mixed with coconut cream, fire roasted tomatoes and chilies, salt and pepper, chicken broth, reduced and then blended with 7 handfuls of TJ’s Broccoli slaw….I didn’t have a roasted red pepper on hand, but if I had, it would have been a fantastic addition)

Meal 5: Chicken Tortilla Soup (minus the avocado because I'm allergic)

Breakfast 1: Sweet Potato Hash egg bake

Breakfast 2: An egg and chicken sausage scramble over diced potatoes

Improved Meals

Unfortunately, I feel really constricted by only cooking things that I’ve planned, so no matter how much I plan, I'm usually compelled to improvised meals just for the sake of improvisation:

Improvised meal 1: chicken salad with homemade mayo, grapes, apples and pecans (this was delicious)

Improvised meal 2: Burger sliders with caramelized onions and roasted sweet potatoes.


 This week we honestly did quite a few serious treats. I post these more for the sake of transparency, but I don’t recommend these if you’re actively pursuing weight loss :)

Snack 1: Frozen Banana and Cocoa Powder Smoothies

Snack 2: Pecan shortbread cookies (300 g almond meal, 6 dates, cup of pecans, ½ cup fat, ¼ t baking soda, ¼ t salt)

Snack 3: Chocolate breakfast cake (3 dates, 4 eggs, ¼ cup coconut flour, ¼ cup coconut oil, 3T cocoa powder)

So I think that just about covers everything we ate at our house this week. What have you been cooking?