What are the LaPortes Eating: Week 1

It’s January 8th, and the holidays have just ended. You may be still struggling to get back into a normal groove, and can barely fathom introducing anything new. But you’ve committed to do this Whole30 thing, and now you’re feeling grumpy.

We’re here to help. We can’t take away your desire to kill everything on day 4, or overcome your longing to sleep forever on day 6, but we can offer solidarity.  Rest confidently knowing that not only are several of your gym mates going through this with you, but also many of us have gone through this whole process before and deemed it worth doing again.

Solidarity can also help you in more practical ways. For example, you now have access to a hive brain when you’re trying to figure out what to cook. I’ll start the process by doing a weekly update about what we’ve been eating for the week, but I think it would be amazing if you all could post some or all of your favorite meals for the week in the comments, so we can benefit from each other’s efforts.

So here goes.

This week we’ve been eating:

3 meals of a delicious salad, topped with apples, pecans and balsamic chicken with an olive oil/balsamic dressing

3 meals of mini burger sliders with kale wraps and sweet potato disks

3 meals of butternut squash soup with shredded chicken, red pepper, onion and apples

3 meals of zucchini lasagna with cashew “ricotta”

2 meals of chicken stir fry with snap peas, bell peppers, leeks, pineapple juice and coconut aminos

For breakfast….honestly this week breakfast has been a little rough with transitioning back into the school schedule.

We had a few servings of egg bake (this week’s edition featured hashed sweet potatoes, leeks, eggs, chicken sausage and veggies), but many mornings it was a mad dash. I think we had plantain pancakes; bacon and apples fried eggs; and sweet potatoes. One morning the kids just had fruit and nuts, and one morning I think Noah ate a dinner for breakfast and a breakfast for dinner.

That's us. What have you been eating?