May Member Spotlight - Baxter Boe

May Member Spotlight

This is the first installment of spotlights showcasing and focusing on our amazing members. Today we are going to highlight and celebrate Baxter. Baxter has been with us for over a year and will be moving soon. If you see Baxter in the gym make sure to wish him well! We asked Baxter a few questions about CrossFit and what he enjoys about Goose Island CrossFit.

Baxter Boe

Why did you decided to try CrossFit?

To add structure to my workouts and learn new techniques

What is your favorite part about working out?

Accomplishing new PRs and the feeling when you are done with a WOD

What’s your favorite movement?


What’s your least favorite?


What is your favorite experience or PR at Goose Island?

Deadlifting 465lbs (65lb PR)

What’s something you can do now that you never thought you would be able to?

Back squat over 300lb

What is your favorite thing about Goose Island?

The great people and coaches that help me push it and stop me from quitting early.