Our New 6 Week Challenge

Hey all,

I’m excited to announce the details for our upcoming Members 6 Week Challenge. We strive to give you the best possible experience every day. However, sometimes we all need extra motivation to evaluate how we can better improve our fitness and wellbeing. So with that said, here are the major details:

Buy in: Everyone will buy in to the challenge. It’s $75 dollars. I know what you’re thinking. Why would I do this? Let's go over the benefits,

  1. Having a personal coach for the challenge: You will be assigned a coach who will meet with you one on one to talk about nutrition and goal setting for the challenge. It’s important to have a plan and execute it. Part of the charge is going to the coaches for their time. They will not only meet with you one on one but check on you weekly to see how your training and nutrition is going.

  2. Cash prize: Who doesn’t like prizes? A third of the buy in will go towards a cash prize. There will be a big winner, a runner up who will get a free pair of shoes, and a second runner up who will receive their money back. For every sign up 25 will go into the pot for the winner. The more participation we have the bigger the cash prize will get!

  3. Ownership: As awesome as our gym family is we all need a reminder to own our nutrition and fitness. This is going to be a way to get everyone to commit to something and to measure the improvement in their fitness.

How does it work?: The challenge will have several factors that will contribute to who will win. There will be a point system handed out to participants, and they will cover the following categories:

  1. Attendance: The winner will be awarded points for attendance. This will be for one class per day. No open gym WODs and no make ups. CrossFit classes only.

  2. GICF Bingo: There will be a bingo board given to each participant. It will have a series of homework assignments that will correlate to a bingo spot being marked off by your personal coach. Example, get a friend to do Karen with you after class or attend a 5am class 3 times in a week. You will get points for each completed bingo. Filling the board will put you ahead.

  3. Nutrition: We will be using macros and My Fitness Pal for this. You will need to follow your macros within a +/- of 5g. Doing this will net you a point per day with extra points being given for fulfilling certain rules.

  4. Test/Retest: The challenge will have a test retest workout. This will be done in classes at the start and end of the challenge. You will have to complete the test retest in order to be considered to win.

I know that some of you have had amazing results with past challenges. I want to help you find that again. We will also be allowing some new people to come into the gym and participate in this challenge. Anyone that gets a new friend to join the gym and challenge will get the $75 fee waived for both of you for the challenge! I’m really excited about this and cannot wait to see how it helps you grow and develop into healthier and happier athletes!

It starts this Monday!

Sign up now!