Kettle PRT Programs

The Kettle PRT Program is led by Rob Miller. You can learn more about programs, see the schedule and contact Rob Miller here. Please visit to learn more information about all that Kettle PRT has to offer!

KETTLE STRONG: A kettlebell physical training class that strengthens all human movement patterns. Here we hone our technique with the heavy bells and push our strength to the next level. This class puts you on course to becoming your strongest possible self.

KETTLE ROW: Strengthening your muscles with kettlebell grinds and blast your cardio on the Concept II Rower.

KETTLE FLOW: This is a mobility based class using the kettlebell as counter balance through various planes of movement. Think yoga-type movement patterns with resistance that provides assistance.

KETTLE BURN: The rhythm of a KETTLE burn class is non-stop as you move through circuits that keep your body moving and your heart rate up to rev your metabolism.  Although beginners are welcome, it will help to have mastered the basics of our kettlebell program to take this class.

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