Interval Training

This 60 minute comprehensive strength and conditioning class focuses on high intensity functional movement. Interval Training builds muscle while promoting fat loss and body composition improvement. We use a variety of equipment ranging from bodyweight movements to barbell exercises. This style of training allows you to enhance performance in all domains of fitness (strength, power, agility, stamina, speed, endurance, flexibility, coordination accuracy, balance). No prior fitness experience is necessary.

Monday: 6am, 6pm

Tuesday: 6am, 6pm

Wednesday: 6am, 6pm

Thursday: 6am, 6pm

Friday: 6am, 6pm

Saturday: 9am 

Intro to Olympic Weightlifting

Intro to Olympic Weightlifting provides a foundation in basic Olympic Weightlifting movements (snatch, clean and jerk). All movements can be scaled to match all ability levels and no prior experience in weightlifting is needed. This is an introduction to the movements and will mostly consist of instruction and have a short workout. Participation in this class is a prerequisite for joining Goose Island CrossFit or for taking an Advanced Weightlifting class.

Saturday: 11am

Advanced Olympic Weightlifting

Advanced Olympic Weightlifting works to improve knowledge of basic weightlifting for Olympic Lifts (snatch and clean and jerk). Advanced Weightlifting is open to all athletes ranging from novice to experienced who are looking to improve their lifts. Athletes must complete Introduction to Weightlifting as a prerequisite course.

Tuesday: 7:30pm

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