I am really impressed with the instructors, they are skilled, enthusiastic, and serious about everyone's progress. Safety and form is #1 for them. The community is also very welcoming and inclusive:-). I am loving it! - Monica


I absolutely love Goose Island CrossFit! 

I've been gong to GICF for 4 months now, and it has been the longest time that I've ever consistently committed to fitness. I began in the 6 week challenge and then became a member because I had such a great time and saw awesome results! Since joining, I have lost weight, gained muscle, and I'm feeling stronger than ever :) 

I really have to thanks the coaches, especially Rachel, for always holding me accountable, for making this experience personal, for keeping classes fun and challenging, and for supporting me every single work out. I had never tried Crossfit before and I think GICF does a fantastic job accommodating everybody's skill level. The atmosphere is always inviting, and I love ending classes where everyone is sweaty and giving high fives to each other! I would absolutely recommend dropping into a class to see for yourself!- Kristen

I've never been what you'd call an "active" person. And my health reflected it. I was diagnosed with cholesterol and blood pressure through the roof. And for good measure, the doctor said that I was "borderline diabetic." I tried treatment with medication that left me feeling drained. I started CrossFit as a way to feel a little better, but the results blew my expectations out of the water. Less than a year later I'm down 25 pounds, and my cholesterol and blood pressure have returned to healthy levels. More importantly, I just feel a lot better. - Greg Fox

I started at GICF November 7, 2018. It has drastically changed my life in the last six months! I’m down almost 30 lbs and several inches, have changed my lifestyle completely, and feel better than ever! Thank you GICF!! I get stronger everyday - Candice




Such a good feeling to lose all the Holiday weight that was put on. Before joining this 6 week challenge, my clothes had gotten a bit tighter and face got a little fatter. I've always wanted to dive into CrossFit but the moment had never position itself. I have to say, these workouts and meal plans are on point. In only 6 weeks I've gained more muscle than fat, and I've lost over 20 pounds. Goose Island CrossFit is definitely a gem in Chicago. -Vernard 


I've been a member here since the summer of 2018. I started with a 6 week challenge, which includes unlimited classes and a nutrition plan. Was very eager to join the gym full time after that.

A little background about me, I've fought with weight issues my entire life. Before I joined the gym I tried one last effort to get my weight in control and overall be healthier, at that time I was 275 pounds. It's currently November 2018 and I'm at 244 pounds and dropping. The staff is so supportive, but they push you. The members are very diverse in their fitness level but everyone has a equal goal. What's next?

Just join! - Sarah B.


I joined Goose Island Crossfit in late July after seeing their ads for a six week fitness and nutrition challenge on Instagram. It was the BEST decision I've made for myself in a while. In 6 weeks I lost 11 inches, 15lbs, and gained 4% muscle mass. Not only that but I gained a new community of friends/athletes/and coaches to help me stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. I'd recommend GICF to anyone looking to improve their overall health. From fitness beginner to veteran crossfitter this gym is as good as it gets. - Brooke

I will preface this review by saying that never had I been athletically inclined before beginning their 6 week challenge program. That being said, Noah and his team of coaches are simply wonderful. They provided the tools and the knowledge to ensure a safe, fun, and challenging work out. They also provided the motivation that I needed to keep coming back :)

That being said I definitely recommend giving this gym a try if you want to challenge yourself and see real results! - Melissa


Goose Island has been the perfect fit for me. I love how supportive all the members and coaches have been. There's no judging here. I can be myself comfortably here. I think that the challenge of pushing myself to no limit is the most exciting part of the workout. I enjoy seeing myself progress in a way that I thought was unimaginable. Success, reaching and surpassing my goals, post-workout endorphins and, of course, the RESULTS are what keeps me coming back for more! - Lluvia


We love Goose Island CrossFit not only because we have both improved our muscle strength and fitness but also because of the close knit relationships we have built. Going through our first pregnancy and the birth of our daughter was made easier by all the love and support of our GICF family!

-Bryan and Terrell


Joining Goose Island CrossFit was the best decision I've made for myself! Thanks to Noah and the coaches at GICF I was able to finally commit to a gym routine and see results! I always had a hard time putting on weight but with Noahs help with nutrition I was able to gain 15lbs of muscle in just one month after joining. For someone who was not familiar around the gym I was surprised how comfortable GICF made me feel, I did not feel intimidated at all. All of the coaches are awesome and care about your success. If you are thinking about joining a CrossFit gym I highly recommend you check out Goose Island CrossFit! - Bobby

GICF was my first Crossfit experience and I couldn't not have picked a better box. Noah, Tim and Rachel are terrific, caring coaches that take the time to ensure you're engaged and using proper form. GICF is an excellent community as well. Regular social events at the box and they have their own parking lot!  If you want to try Crossfit or a new box, look no further. - Fred


Goose Island CrossFit has quickly become a second home. I've been a member here since March 2018, and my one regret is that it took me so long to walk in that door!

The coaches are welcoming, knowledgeable, and committed to helping each member reach their goals. Whether you come to GICF with previous CrossFit experience or not, everyone is always supportive and excited to see others grow and improve. 

If you're looking for a place to workout, meet some really great people, and become part of a community -- you've come to the right place. Shoutout to Noah and everyone else who makes GICF the wonderful place it is! - Emily

The atmosphere and community that Noah has created here makes this box (another word for crossfit places) a fun place to grow and learn from. The programming is a great mix of weightlifting, metcon, gymnastics, and more. I've also learned a lot about mobility and recovery. You can tell that a lot of thought goes into designing a well-rounded program that allows all types of athletes to increase their level of fitness. 

All the coaches here are fun, but most importantly professional. They really emphasize form and safety. They are also always wiling to spend some extra time talking about skill work, nutrition, mobility, technique, and everything else in between.

This place feels like family and for someone that is introverted, quiet, and shy like myself, it didn't take long for me to feel part of it. If you're looking for a place to start, this is it. - Erik


I've been a member of Goose Island for almost a year now. After attending other Crossfit gyms around the country in the last 5+ years, I really appreciate Goose Island's excellent coaches and community. Everyone is very supportive and dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. - Kaylee


I've been going to GICF for almost two years now and it's been fantastic. I love the coaches, they are always attentive, helpful, and encouraging. I love the variety of work outs. Tim, the head coach, programs killer wods that push you to be the best you can be! I've been doing crossfit for almost 3 years and I'm never going to be a regionals athlete but I leave the gym a little fitter every time I go. But the best part of the gym might be the people there. Rather than just being people you work out next to, they become your friends! Would recommend anyone looking for a new gym to give GICF a try!- Rebecca