I have attended Goose Island Crossfit for almost two years and I can fully say I've never been more committed to a gym's programming this consistently for this long ever!  Noah and all the coaches are so kind & helpful and everyone at the gym supports one another and pushes each other to be better.  It's a true family feel here, with dogs, kids, & lots of hanging out in addition to work outs - Plus free parking too :)  I would highly recommend Goose Island to anyone looking for the motivation and support to become more physically active and healthy! - Sara


I've never been what you'd call an "active" person. And my health reflected it. I was diagnosed with cholesterol and blood pressure through the roof. And for good measure, the doctor said that I was "borderline diabetic." I tried treatment with medication that left me feeling drained. I started CrossFit as a way to feel a little better, but the results blew my expectations out of the water. Less than a year later I'm down 25 pounds, and my cholesterol and blood pressure have returned to healthy levels. More importantly, I just feel a lot better. - Greg Fox

I moved to Chicago from Houston, TX January of 2016. Before moving I was pretty active and would attend a standard gym regularly about 3-4 time a week. After moving to Chicago I tried to stick to the same schedule but found my self feeling a little stuck as I wasn't sure exactly what work outs I should be doing. I searched constantly online for different plans and WAS DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO DO CROSSFIT. I didn't want the cult, I didn't want to post all my work outs on social media so people knew I worked out. 

But then I decided to try it here, and I would say it was probably one of the best decisions I've made since moving to Chicago. The FAMILY that you find at this box is like no other. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and its family owned and operated. 

All the cult stuff aside the facilities are great with an a parking lot for those that drive, clean towels, great locker rooms with a big mirror so you can see all your gainz. Also all Rogue equipment which is what they use at the Crossfit Games. Meaning every lift you do then you feel like a real athlete. - Mike




Such a good feeling to lose all the Holiday weight that was put on. Before joining this 6 week challenge, my clothes had gotten a bit tighter and face got a little fatter. I've always wanted to dive into CrossFit but the moment had never position itself. I have to say, these workouts and meal plans are on point. In only 6 weeks I've gained more muscle than fat, and I've lost over 20 pounds. Goose Island CrossFit is definitely a gem in Chicago. -Vernard 

I have been a part of this gym for over a year now, and I am loving the community and environment of Goose Island! The Coaches are knowledgeable and the members are also so encouraging towards each other. I came into this gym not knowing anything about CrossFit and a bit intimidated, but I am feeling much stronger and more confident. - Nicolette


Been going to GICF for just under 6 months and could not be happier that I made the decision to join! It's beginner friendly and the coaches are great at helping you conquer weaknesses and fears. I'm seeing serious gains and am the fittest I've ever been (and will continue to get stronger!). I'm doing exercises I couldn't have dreamed of doing before I joined. If you want some numerical evidence, I lost 5.4% body fat in my first 6 weeks with GICF. Highly recommended! - Jon

I will preface this review by saying that never had I been athletically inclined before beginning their 6 week challenge program. That being said, Noah and his team of coaches are simply wonderful. They provided the tools and the knowledge to ensure a safe, fun, and challenging work out. They also provided the motivation that I needed to keep coming back :)That being said I definitely recommend giving this gym a try if you want to challenge yourself and see real results! - Melissa


Goose Island has been the perfect fit for me. I love how supportive all the members and coaches have been. There's no judging here. I can be myself comfortably here. I think that the challenge of pushing myself to no limit is the most exciting part of the workout. I enjoy seeing myself progress in a way that I thought was unimaginable. Success, reaching and surpassing my goals, post-workout endorphins and, of course, the RESULTS are what keeps me coming back for more! - Lluvia


We love Goose Island CrossFit not only because we have both improved our muscle strength and fitness but also because of the close knit relationships we have built. Going through our first pregnancy and the birth of our daughter was made easier by all the love and support of our GICF family!

-Bryan and Terrell