Extra Work




Snatch + Overhead Squat 80%x1, 85%x1, 90%x1, build to heavy set


Snatch 85%x1, 87.5%x1, 90%x1, 92.5%x1x2


Clean & Jerk 90%x1, 92.5%x1, 95%x1


8 Minutes Volume Accumulation:
3 Strict Pullups + 3 Windshield Wipers

Pullups: Maintain strong hollow. Rep is counted at the bottom of the hollow hang, not when the chin clears the bar.
Windshield Wipers: Center to left to center to right to center = 1 rep


Back Squat 3RM, 95%x3, 90%x3x2

Percentages for down sets based on today's 3RM.


Death March 3x80'

Rest 2 minutes between sets. Use same weight as last 4x60'.


Run 2400m @ 0:01-0:02/400m faster than 3200m pace