Extra Work 150927-150903

Snatch 82.5%x3x5

Clean & Jerk 82.5%x(3+1)x4

8 minutes volume accumulation:
Glute Ham Raise

5 Rounds, Not For Time:
5 Strict Handstand Pushups
10-15 second L-Hold on Parallettes
15 Hollow Rocks

For athletes who have no trouble with 5 strict handstand pushups, add a deficit which challenges them.


Run 4x6:00 @ 7-8, rest 1:00 between efforts

Pace should be taxing but not threshold. Heart rate should be elevated substantially, but muscular fatigue should not be a limiting factor. Walk during 1:00 rest periods. Aim to maintain pace from 4x5:00 during week of 150907.

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